Telephone adhoc research

Compagnie is supported by the biggest fieldwork organization in Belgium and can therefore offer the full scope of quantitative research methods.

At Compagnie, the quality of fieldwork and transparency towards our clients are essential, because only good data collection leads to correct conclusions.

As far as telephone research is concerned, we operate with a permanent supervision system. A simultaneous monitoring system makes it possible to follow the interviews on a permanent basis. This system is also accessible to our clients.
The data can be processed quickly and efficiently so that results are available shortly after fieldwork completion.

Our sampling method is state of the art (Random Digit Dialling with geographical stratification) and includes “mobile only” to guarantee full representativeness.

We assist our clients in selecting representative samples from their databases in order to interview their customers or other stakeholders.


Telephone omnibus research

Compagnie runs a weekly telephone omnibus program, interviewing a representative sample of n=1.000 Belgian adults 15+ concerning different topics.

Clients only pay for their set of questions, making this a very cost effective tool, very well suited for short questionnaires and KPI trackers.

The recruitment is purely random which makes this tool the ideal screening instrument for measuring incidences and profiling specific targets. You can interview a large representative sample or select a very specific target (based on demographics and/or screening questions).

Our extensive demographic question battery enriches your data for analysis purposes.

Because Compagnie guarantees a daily representative sample, it is very easy to enter and exit the program once the requested target has been reached.

Participating to the telephone omnibus program offers a fast implementation, low entry cost and flexible delivery at a very friendly budget.

Turnaround for n=1.000 adults 15+

  • Day 01 : final questionnaire
  • Day 03 : start fieldwork
  • Day 09 : end fieldwork
  • Day 12 : delivery Excel tables report

Want to know more about our price structure?
Just ask Carine Dewulf or Martine Philippe for a specific quote.


Online research

Looking for faster, better online research results?

Online research at Compagnie is organized by using managed access panels.

Compagnie can rely on the largest global network of high quality managed access panels at competitive prices. These panels are operated using well defined research standards and proprietary information management systems, to ensure the consistency and integrity of research results.

Compagnie can start up and deliver an online survey very fast.
Interviewing a representative sample or “your favorite target” doesn't make any difference in the budget, as long as the incidence is beyond 30%. Demographic screening is not charged as well.

Turnaround for questionnaires below 10 minutes:

  • Day 1 – 10 am : final questionnaire
  • Day 2 –   5 pm : start fieldwork
  • Day 6 –   2 pm : end fieldwork
  • Day 8 – 10 am : delivery Excel tables report

Want to know more about our price structure?
Just ask Carine Dewulf or Martine Philippe for a specific quote.


Online research

What makes our online panel different from others?

Our panel recruitment is based on random selection from different sources and reflects the population on a number of key variables.
It is closely and pro-actively managed to ensure continuous high response rates and the details of each panel member are kept up to date.

Our panel consists of individuals aged 18 to 64 years old. It is possible to interview 15-17 years old adults through the registered panelist.

The main assets of our online research approach are:

  • full representative and controlled samples of the (specific) target as a result of off-line recruitment
  • low frequency of contacts and a modest use of incentives (preventing from professional respondents and incentive hunters)
  • a real-time online sample quota control tool (less weighting needed)
  • high co-operation and response rates thanks to panel management
  • high quality data ensured by quality controlled data collection
  • suitability for different types of projects: short AND longer questionnaires; representative AND specialized samples, to address complex or sensitive issues; to test concepts and show all kinds of multi-media material

Online research

What questions to ask comparing different online offers?

Online panels are not alike and the quality of the data and responses can differ a lot between different types of panels. Therefore to check the quality of a panel you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the sources used for recruiting panellists? Purely random? Off line or online? E-mail databases/lists?
  • How is representativeness guaranteed? What are the criteria used?
  • How is the data weighted? Sampling conducted to reduce weights or not? How to ensure respondents don’t fill in the questionnaire twice? Which cleanings are used?
  • What is the maximum duration of the questionnaire these panellists can handle?
  • What’s the response rate?
  • How regularly is the panel updated and refreshed?
  • What types of quality controls are conducted on the data?